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Interview with Julie Humphreys @ Pax East 2013!

Welcome to this special with Diablo Expressions and Julie Humphreys, Lead Producer of the Diablo 3 on the console team. The interview was done at Pax East 2013 and I asked about the trials to get the game from the PC over to a state that could be played on a console. I also dug deeper into the details of the gameplay, user interface and several additions made that I notice that were not previously stated.

Here is a short list of time links to different parts of the interview itself:

  • When did Console development start? - Watch
  • Challenges from going from PC to Console? - Watch
  • "Bonus Globe System" - Watch
  • Further explanation on "Evade System" - Watch
  • How hard was it to get controls right? - Watch
  • Confirmation of elective mode (mapping abilities to any button) - Watch
  • Patching and keeping up to date - Watch
  • Confirmation of 4 player split screen & wrap up - Watch
  • I go into further details of each part along with the "Hard Target Lock" function after the interview - Watch

Much to be heard and learned. I was a great time at Pax East and hanging out with the Blizz crew there. Look forward to doing more and going to BlizzCon!

I hope you enjoyed, and yes, better mic and audio next time too!

Dr. J Dredscythe

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